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I took out short term/long term disability with my employer. I have been disabled since 2010.

Dearborn National has given me grief. They stopped my payment saying not enough objective medical evidence, then I won with a appeal letter. Then they said they over paid me and they stopped payments to me until they received all of their money. On the last payment to them they stopped my money saying not enough objective medical evidence.

This insurance company will take your premiums but if anything happen they will fight you to NOT PAY YOU. IF THE GOVERNMENT FIND YOU DISABLED IT WILL NOT MATTER TO THIS COMPANY.........

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I been fight for my shortterm since last year. Every time call.

They need another.

Documents from my doctor it a shame they don't. want pay.


I had paid long term disability insurance with Dearborn National for ver 5 years. In Dec.2011, by recommendation of my general doctor and orthopedic, I had to resign from work for degenerative/osteoarthritis and was advised to have Total Knee replacement.

My recovery period was going to be more than 60 days which my employers would allow for family medical leave. It took 6 (July 2012) months for my benefit to begin with Dearborn. I still have difficulty with my condition and they dropped my benefit May 2013 sighting medical information that was misinterpreted by them. I appealed and was denied again because one of my doctors didn't turn in a form to them within 10 days.

I've got another lawyer and will pursue civil action.

I am not employed and this has caused a domino effect in my finances and credit. This is a terrible company and they have no heart.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #682982

I been disabled since May 2, 2013, Dearborn national wanted a release of medical records from doctors office. I signed a release form on June 13, 2013,I learned on July 17, 2013 they want another release form on June 28,2013, So they stopped my payments on June 28,2013 without telling me. By the way I had a heart attack on May 10,2013 maybe they want me to have another one.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #642642

Dearborn National is the crookest company for disability ins. they have cheated me and I can show them with their own papers that they sent my busniess partner and I.

And don't try your Ins Comissoner because they are for the ins. companys.I wish that some how we cpould get a class action suit againest them alone we have no chance

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