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We don't have an employee advocate where I work so I have to contact my short term disability on my own. Dearborn National almost declined my benefits calling this a "pre-existing condition. I never had cancer before! I did have a pacemaker placed in June 1, 2016 but they neglected to note the difference of the two diagnosis's. I had to call them to alert them of this fact. Now they are (still) collecting medical records from all medical...
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Dearborn National sent forms to my husband to be completed. These forms were completed and faxed, mailed and e-mailed six times already and they claim they have not received these documents. They keep giving him the run around and claim they have not received the documents. I call everyday and leave messages which can take up to 24 hours to respond for a call back. My husband has yet to receive a call back. This company is the worst to...
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