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I just recently signed up for STD this year since it was offered to me at work. I unexpectedly began suffering from a joint problem. I had all the necessary paperwork filled out for the claim. I was questioned by Dearborn 3 times in one day about the information my doctor provided to them. I asked them if they received my paperwork, I was told yes. I told them then I didn't understand what the problem was since they received the necessary documents and furthermore to contact the doctor if things were not clear. They tried to make an *** out of... Read more

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I was approved for Disability Waiver of Premium to my Group Life Insurance Term Life.. Upon their subsequent review, Dearborn has determined i am no longer disabled and have been cured. (LOL). My waiver of premium has been revoked and was given the option to convert my policy at a very high premium. Note: I am able to convert my policy as stated in my policy but they "forgot" to mention that so I had to fight for it. Everything is a fight with Dearborn National. Dearborn has ignored the fact that my employer approved my disability retirement... Read more

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They are the worst they ended my long term disability despite supporting doctors statements. They said my disability has changed. Its been *** every sense. Add comment

Dearborn is so full of it I swear, they say that they don't have enough information or that they did get information from the doctors but its not filled out correctly, or I need to reach out to doctors as well which I've done. if I could work I would be working, I don't know what else you guys want me to do.. Then you say you've been trying to reach out but you know we need your help... Well I can't make the doctor send your information so what else can I do? Just say you're not giving me anything so I can hire a lawer. Read more

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I am a broker and am appointed with many insurance companies. I brought Dearborn National into one of my clients that has 186 employees. The agreement for commissions was set and is between us, the broker, and Dearborn. Dearborn somehow got into a conversation through email with my client about lowering our compensation. I was expecting a check for 650.00 but received a check for 65.00. When I caught the discrepancy the Dearborn rep sent me a RE response from my client about lowering our compensation but wouldn't show me the rest of the email.... Read more

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I run the disability forms office at a very large Midwest conglomerate clinic . Dearborn treats their customers like DIRT. I have been working with a pt that has been hospitalized repeatedly. When Dearborn sent me yet ANOTHER form to fill out after filling out one 2 weeks prior, I notified them I could not release the information to them, because they had not sent me a release authorization signed by the pt. The agent I spoke with was incredibly rude, hung up on me, and what is the very WORST is she called the pt, gravely ill in the... Read more

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The guy who signed me up for this service told me it was a Roth IRA. Turns out I signed up for life insurance when I already had life insurance. Long story short, I'm out about $500. Good thing I caught it early. Warning everyone else immediately not to use this banking system, or whatever they referred to themselves as. They're crooks and when I wrote a letter complaining about them, it was completely disregarded. I won't be signing up for anything else and I hope this company closes down. They're liars. Read more

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I didn't contact these people. They called me out of the blue aggressively demanding information. I actually could use an attorney so I tried to give a brief summary of my situation while this guy just kept talking over me. Only lasted a few seconds and then I realized he had actually hung up on me. I called them back just to report such rudeness. The person who answered was aggressively talking over me as well. It didn't last but a few seconds and I didn't actually have a chance to say anything when I realized she (Amy) had also hung... Read more

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I went out on maternity leave and was expecting to receive my std only a couple weeks after. Well, I still haven't received anything and in due to go back to work tomorrow. Six weeks is along time without any money coming in and I have been so worried and stressed. I shouldn't have to be like that with a new baby. Every time I call Dear Birn it's something different. I'm over it! Something needs to be done. Read more

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I have had to do all the leg work for the LTD side. Invoices not paid, conflicting stories every call & next thing u know, they wanna tell u ur case is being closed b/c u didn't help obtain medical records for them n a timely manner. Not worth paying for! It's not a benefit it's a scam Add comment

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