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From houston Texas Dearbon full ***. Apply for my claim 2015. Every time call they need one thing from .one of my Doctor. Told them they sent them invoice .they need paid them$25. .now they told me they sent them check on May 2 2016. They are ful of ***.but this is the money. You put in to and it sad when u already ill. Just must stress on you Add comment

So, my sister went from Short term disability to LTD which is manged by Dearborn National. Even while on STD she received her payments like clock work but since Dearborn came into the picture its been just the opposite (the first year everything was okay, she was receiving it mostly on the 5th of the month). 5 months ago I had my sister call and inquire about her payment (she is scheduled to receive it "BY" the 10th of each month) but it was... Read more

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I just recently signed up for STD this year since it was offered to me at work. I unexpectedly began suffering from a joint problem. I had all the necessary paperwork filled out for the claim. I was questioned by Dearborn 3 times in one day about the information my doctor provided to them. I asked them if they received my paperwork, I was told yes. I told them then I didn't understand what the problem was since they received the necessary... Read more

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I was approved for Disability Waiver of Premium to my Group Life Insurance Term Life.. Upon their subsequent review, Dearborn has determined i am no longer disabled and have been cured. (LOL). My waiver of premium has been revoked and was given the option to convert my policy at a very high premium. Note: I am able to convert my policy as stated in my policy but they "forgot" to mention that so I had to fight for it. Everything is a fight with... Read more

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They are the worst they ended my long term disability despite supporting doctors statements. They said my disability has changed. Its been *** every sense. Add comment

Dearborn is so full of it I swear, they say that they don't have enough information or that they did get information from the doctors but its not filled out correctly, or I need to reach out to doctors as well which I've done. if I could work I would be working, I don't know what else you guys want me to do.. Then you say you've been trying to reach out but you know we need your help... Well I can't make the doctor send your information so what... Read more

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I am a broker and am appointed with many insurance companies. I brought Dearborn National into one of my clients that has 186 employees. The agreement for commissions was set and is between us, the broker, and Dearborn. Dearborn somehow got into a conversation through email with my client about lowering our compensation. I was expecting a check for 650.00 but received a check for 65.00. When I caught the discrepancy the Dearborn rep sent me a RE... Read more

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I run the disability forms office at a very large Midwest conglomerate clinic . Dearborn treats their customers like DIRT. I have been working with a pt that has been hospitalized repeatedly. When Dearborn sent me yet ANOTHER form to fill out after filling out one 2 weeks prior, I notified them I could not release the information to them, because they had not sent me a release authorization signed by the pt. The agent I spoke with was... Read more

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The guy who signed me up for this service told me it was a Roth IRA. Turns out I signed up for life insurance when I already had life insurance. Long story short, I'm out about $500. Good thing I caught it early. Warning everyone else immediately not to use this banking system, or whatever they referred to themselves as. They're crooks and when I wrote a letter complaining about them, it was completely disregarded. I won't be signing up for... Read more

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I didn't contact these people. They called me out of the blue aggressively demanding information. I actually could use an attorney so I tried to give a brief summary of my situation while this guy just kept talking over me. Only lasted a few seconds and then I realized he had actually hung up on me. I called them back just to report such rudeness. The person who answered was aggressively talking over me as well. It didn't last but a few... Read more

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